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Facebook Group for #Hadoop Summit 2012. #hadoopsummit


Now I get an opportunity to go San Francisco to attend upcoming Hadoop Summit 2012 (13-14, June).
And this time I'm joining following facebook group to report my activities at this conference.

Hadoop Summit2012
This group is for the attendees of Hadoop Summit 2012 to share everything related to it. (e.g. Memos, Tweets, Photos, etc...) Everyone can join this group who want to share the knowledges acquired from Hadoop Summit 2012 in "English". If you have curious about this group, firstly please contanct to Marina Suzuki. We are expecting many of you Hadoop Summit 2012 attendees join to this group ;) ...
Facebook Group for Hadoop Summit 2012.

In this moment this group is 'closed' group, but everyone who have interests Hadoop Summit 2012 can join this group.
So please don't hesitate to ask joining.
#Now I'm asking this group's owner to change security setting 'closed' to 'open'. So before the conference this group's security setting will become 'open'.

#Already became 'Open', so now everyone can join with no ask.

Use English for sharing that is the only rule for this group.
The original member of this group are Japanese.
But they want to share the Hadoop Summit 2012 knowledge as many people as possible, so they decided to use English for sharing.

I hope many people joining to this group.

Thanks in advance.
See you at the conference :)

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