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If we fail to catch up the trend, we will become outdated.


Today's my speech's theme is "reinvention".

Last week Apple released iBooks 2, and they announced, it was developed for reinventing Textbooks.

I've not tried iBooks 2 yet, so I don't know it is truly reinvention of the text book.
But I can say, this announce can show you the learning style is changing day by day according to the technology's improvements.

But, on the other hand, there are still not changing thing around the education, I think.
Examination test style.
Some kind of examination test style is outdated.

For example, Relative to us, especially recent Japanese, TOEIC test's style is not fit to this digital and global era.
It is outdated.

So, let me explain, Why I think TOEIC test is outdated?
It is because, for example,

  • We can't take the TOEIC exam anywhere we want
  • The examination date is fixed
  • We need to wait for a month to know the result

and so on, and so forth ...

So the examination test style not only TOEIC which I think fit to the digital and global era are like followings.

  • of course the test time is limited.


  • Anytime we want we can take the exam
  • Everywhere we want we can take the exam
  • We can use any devices what we want and also can use the web (but can't ask the question to the others)
  • We can know the result immediately when we finished the exam

Lastly, I want to wrap up today's speech.
Today's point what I want to say is ... "Time flees away without delay".
And the technologies are improving day by day, so if we fail to catch up the trend, we will become outdated.

That's all.

Thank you.

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