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ソーシャルネットワーク世代はジャンクフード好きというリサーチ結果(米)|Social Media-Using Guys Are Lovin’ The Fast Food



Social Media-Using Guys Are Lovin' The Fast Food [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fastfood is a part of American life, whether we like it or not. But social media users aren’t scarfing down that junk, are they? Sounds like a good topic for a survey filled with statistics that are both obvious and surprising.
That’s exactly what our Infographic-creating and social-media researching friends at Lab 42 did, collecting opinions from 500 social networking males aged 18 to 35 about their fast food preferences.
Because Lab 42 hit one of the biggest target demographics of fast food purveyors (perhaps biggest in more ways than one), and to qualify for the survey respondents must have gone to a fast food restaurant in the last three months, the survey might make it look like there are more fast food lovers than in the general population.

アメリカの話ですが、 500 人のソーシャルネットワーキングしてる 18-35 歳の男女に対してリサーチを行ったところ、意外にも*1彼らがジャンクフード好きということが分かったそうです。

Infographic courtesy Lab 42, graphic by iStockphoto