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おもてなし is a really advantage of Japan? - In my opinion.



OmotenashiOmotenashi / saitowitz
Recently I heard often the word おもてなし inside and outside of our company.
So Today I want to share you my opinion, "おもてなし is a really advantage of Japan through all over the world?"
#This story is what I made a speech at my office. And this is partial, without insiders topic.

Today's my story is based on this Hiroo Yamagata(山形浩生)'s blog post.
日本の優位性がホスピタリティ産業、ですって? ご冗談を。
In English, "Japanese advantage is the Hospitality industry? Are you serious?"

In my opinion, the answer of "おもてなし is a really advantage of Japan through all over the world?" is "No".
Let me explain that reason in three points.
#First two is from Hiroo Yamagata(山形浩生)'s blog post and the third one is my original.

  1. Some Japanese have a really good おもてなし spirits I know.
    • but Most case in Japan, so called おもてなし is its providers self-satisfaction and kind of mistaken kindness.
    • Without a purpose, they frequently asking us "Can I help you something?".
    • so I need to say them every time "No thank you" or "Leave me alone".
  2. In each country, they have their own forms of おもてなし .
    • Thinking おもてなし is the particular thing in Japan is wrong.
    • So not necessary for exporting Japanese おもてなし to the other country.
    • If we want to provide a service in the other country.
      • Understand what they think or feel おもてなし in each country is more important.
      • Let non-Japanese people to understand Japanese おもてなし is the wrong way.
  3. We Japan recently imported おもてなし from U.S.
    • What do you think it is?
    • In correct, who she is.
    • Her name is Siri.
    • Siri proves おもてなし is not the particular thing in Japan.
    • When you ask her "why do you exist?" She will answer like right image.
    • She is live to serve.
    • And this is the perfect style of おもてなし I think.

So おもてなし is not the Japanese advantage.
And so, sharing the Japanese おもてなし is not so much important for the other country.
They can learn おもてなし by themselves, and even also by Siri.

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