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O'Reilly MySQL CE 2011のキャッチアップ(1)  「Tomas Ulin, "State of the Dolphin"」


MySQLの次期バージョンはMemcached APIを備える! MySQL Conference & Expo 2011基調講演 - Publickey 等ですでにまとめられて久しいところもありますが、自らの目と耳で情報をひろおうと思い、 約 1 ヶ月前に開催された MySQL Conference のキャッチアップをすることにしました。
まずは、 Keynote の"State of the Dolphin"から。

本 Keynote 、 MySQL 5.6 のニュースが一番の目玉ではありますが、昨年同様、以下の2点をアピールしている内容になっていました。

  1. Oracle は MySQL に対して継続して投資を行っていく
  2. MySQL Community と協力してよりよい MySQL にしていく

前者に関しては、私は MySQL 5.5, 5.6 と Sun が MySQL を所有していたとき以上のペースで改善が続いているので、ある程度の信頼がおけるようになってきたのではと私は思っています。
ただ、後者に関しては、去年の O'Reilly MySQL CE 2010: Michael Widenius, "State of MariaDB" - YouTube では、Monty 氏が Oracle の所有する MySQL 敵視の発言をしているため、 今年の を明日以降、続いてみてみようと思っています。

Oracle VM Template for MySQL integreted & tested OS, VM and Database Stack

以降は、 動画から私が書き起こしたメモです。

Oracle の MySQL の取り組み

  • 昨年、 MySQL およびその ecosystem は多くの GA を排出した。
  • Oracle は MySQL の
  • Oracle は MySQL にとても真剣。書籍もだした。
MySQL 5.5
  • InnoDB becomes default Storage engine.
  • Better Performance.
    • write reload.
  • Replication Heartbeat
  • Stored procedure
A Better MySQL at Oracle
  • improved engineering processes.
  • MySQL & InnoDB : now one Engineering team.
  • Largest MySQL engineering & support Organization.
  • Hundreds of experts, including core MySQL engineers plus Oracle performance and Database Gurus.
  • Investing and Delivering New & Better Products
  • Oracle's Human and Capictal Investment in MySQL is unmatched.

MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release

Changing engineering process side.

  • Better Performance, Scalability, Monitoring
    • Optimizer based performance improvements
      • index condition pushdown(ICP)
      • multi-range read(MRR)
      • file sort optimization
    • Partioning
      • Enable explicit partition selection - queries, pruning.
      • Enable import/export to/from partioned tables
      • table, index, waits/locks, summaries
    • Better Replication
      • Crash-safe Slaves
      • Repliacation Checksums
      • Reduced Binlog Size - options for writing full/partial RBR images
      • Time-Delayed Replication
      • Informational Log Events
      • Remote Binlog Backups
      • Server UUIDs
MySQL 5.6 NotOnlySQL: Memcached API

もちろん、 SQL と Non SQL アクセスは並列実行可能。

  • Fast, simple access to InnoDB
    • Accessed via Memcached API
    • Use existing Memcached clients
    • Bypasses SQL transactions
  • NotOnlySQL access
    • Memcaced for ker-value operations
    • SQL for rich queries, JOINs, foreign keys, etc.
  • Implementation
    • Memcached deamon plug-in to mysqld
    • Memcached protocol mapped to the native InnoDB API
    • Shared process space for ultra-low latency
    • Additional implemantations in future DMs
MySQL 5.6 - A Better MySQL
  • Replication
    • Multi-threaded Slaves
      • Based on Databases : 将来的には、 Database base だけでない並列処理も考えている。
    • Net I/O
    • Session/user/statement level instrumentation, metrics
    • Show contetns of host cache - centralized loggin connection errors

empireavenue.com の話

MySQL における、 Oracle と MySQL Community の協力を訴える。

  • http://empireavenue.com/ の紹介
    • SNS
    • MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.5 の効果
      • Running on Virtual servers on Rackspace Cloud
      • Went live with 5.5.7(RC) , upgrae from 5.1.48, currently running 5.5.9

Load average substantially lower - with no other changes at that time ( primary due to better multi core usage, adnd disk I/O
Server disk I/O wait time is lowwer after the upgrade (with no other changes) - using InnoDB native AIO
Furhter tuning of the Linux I/O subsystem (schedler, etc.) the I/O load on the servers have come down enen more

Overall a 25% improvement in appl speed on the front end for our users immediately upon upgrading.

Load average over 180 days on one of our typical write DBs (16G mem, Rackspace virtual server) doing 70% writes 30% reads

MySQL Cluster 7.2 Dev Milestone Release

  • Queries 20x faster
    • Adaptive Query Localization (aka Push Down JOINs, SPJ)
    • Ships the query to the data, reducing overhead
  • Schema Flexibility
    • 4x increase in clumn support,128 to 512 columns
    • Can be added on-line to existiong table, no service interruption
  • User Data Consolidation
    • Centralizes user privilieges to data nodes, accessible from all MySQL Servers
    • Redically simplifies provisioning and administration
MySQL Cluster : SQL & NoSQL combined
  • NoSQL - 3ways to bypass SQL, and maximize performance
    • NDB API, C++ for highest performance, lowest latency
    • Cluster/J for optimized access in Java
    • Memcached. Use all your existing client/application
NotOnlySQL: Memcached API
  • Build update-intensive, highly available services with MySQL Cluster backend
    • Accessed via memcached API
  • Consolidate caching and database liers
    • Use existing memcached clients & avoid application change
    • Support for update-intensive workloads eliminate cache invalidation
    • Scalable persistent HA data store
    • Simpler re-use of data across services
  • Implementation
    • NDB plug-in to memcached server
    • DIrect access to NDB API
MySQL Cluster Performance
  • Sclae out on commodity HW
  • NDB API Performance 7 million Queries per second
  • 16 servers, dual 6 core, CPU @ 2.93 GHz
  • 2 Data nodes per server
  • Interim results from 2 days testing - watch this space


Early Adapter Speaks.

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MySQL on windows

MySQL 15 rules

Installling Demo

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench - plugins

Data-modeling や Database Administaton を容易にする。使ってない人は使ってみてほしいと訴えていた。

  • Community driven Plugins & Add-ons site
    • Code in Pyhon, share with the community

MySQL Enterprise Edition

MySQL visual development, Monitoring, Backup tools, and Oracle Lifetime Support services

  • MySQL Workbench
  • Query Analyzer
  • Performance Monitoring/Alerts
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup
  • Oracle Lifetime Support
  • SErvice Packs


  • Oracle is Driving MySQL innovation
  • Oracle + MySQL Community = a better MySQL
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