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Morning Speech I Made About Theme Sports.


After graduate from college.
Recently I'm not doing any sports.
But only keep doing is push up and abs training.

100 push up and 100 abs training every day.

So today, I want to share why I'm keep doing this training.
The reason why I'm keep doing this training is influenced by famous Sumo Wrestler.
The Sumo Wrestler's name is Chiyonofuji (千代の富士).

He already retired and succeeded Kokonoe-beya (九重部屋).
Now he called Kokonoe-Oyakata (九重親方).

Basically I like fighting sports.
So I used to belong in boxing activity when I was a student anyway.

I believe Chiyonofuji is the most powerful and the most beautiful sumo wrestler.
He had 53 times win straight record.
#Recently Hakuho broke this record, though.
He was my childhood Hero.

Basically Chiyonofuji didn't have much weight.
Compared with the most biggest sumo wrestler at that moment Konishiki (小錦).
Chiyonofuji was only 127kg, Konishiki was 285kg.
Konishiki had more than double weight.
So fighting with other sumo wrestler Chiyonofuji frequently got a bone dislocation.

But a famous story about Chiyonofuji, to create a strong body he was the first person who brought in weight training and push up training to the Sumo world.

Before Chiyonofuji there was no one doing weight training and push up to create a strong body.
Traditional Sumo training way was doing Matawari (股割り), Shiko (四股) and workouts (稽古).
And eat Chanko (ちゃんこ) special food for Sumo Wrestler and well sleeping.

Chiyonofuji keep doing 500 push up everyday.

So when I was a student I wanted to become strong like Chiyonofuji.
I tried 500 push up everyday.
And finally I became able to do it.

But it's getting hard for me after graduate college.
So now it become 100.

There was the suspicion of fixed fights, though.
Sumo is very interesting still now.
But I want you all remember Chiyonofuji.
He is the most powerful and most beautiful sumo wrestler I have ever seen.

That's all.