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Thank you Steve, I promise you that I'll keep looking I love to do, and never settle.



Steven Paul Jobs, the co-founder and chairman of Apple, passed away this Wednesday, 5, Oct, 2011 at the age of 56.

When I heard this news, I was quite shocked, and I lost my words.
Because Steve Jobs is one of the most influential person for me.
#of course, I haven't met him ever once.

I was born in 1976, the same year when Steve co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak. So until he died, for 35 years I was something influenced by him, and his products.

Still, I'm not a early adopter of his (Apple's) products. More over, late late majority.
And to be honest, I've become his big fan in truly his final years (from around 2006 or 7).

I firstly bought Apple's product in 1997, it's probably "Power Macintosh 7300", I was major in architecture in my college, so I bought it mostly for learning AutoCAD. For my impression "Power Macintosh 7300" wasn't so much convenient (And I didn't know at this moment Apple is not in a good shape, and didn't recognize Steve still not came back to Apple's CEO), so after using several year of it, I switched to use Windows PC.
When I graduated from college, in 2000 Japan is in a quite big economic downturn, so I decided not to become a architect (because most of building industry companies were shrinking their hiring at that time). And fortunately or unfortunately, I started working for IT industry.

Long time not using Apple product, 2005 I bought iPod photo and Mac mini at the same time (Probably I thought iPod become mature, at this moment). iPod photo woking very well(It still working in my home), but I can't think Mac mini so convenient (looks back now, it's only for my problem), I switch back to use PC for Windows again.

And around 2006, I watched his Legendary Stanford Commencement Speech, then I'm very touched and it made me become a big fan of him (but not using so much Apple product, only iPod in this moment...). And probably around here, I was become expecting to see his WWDC keynote speech (but just for fun...).

And 2007, iPhone was released. And this was the turning point for the world. The world was truly changed.
I felt regret I'm not a early adopter in 2010, when I bought iPhone 3GS, because until then I can't experience the world change.
The product is productive, and not only productive, its shape and UI is also good, so fashionable.

After that experience (the experience, precious present from Steve), I changed my mind, I decided as possible as I can, I will become a early adaptor, at least early majority.
And more, I decided keep trying to study to become a innovator to change the world, although the change is even a little. #Can be realized or not, I don't have confident. But I will always keep this in my mind.

So from then, I bought iPad in 2010, update to iPad2 in 2011, and also buy Macbook pro in May 2011. Each product is so wonderful as Steve introduced, so I didn't regret for spending money for that product. And now keep trying to use it to make my life healthy, wealthy and wise.

And by now, Steve Jobs are gone. But some of his product is in my hand. And many kinds of his words in my mind. So his soul is still alive in my mind.

Lastly, most people mentioned already , but I also want to mention about Legendary Stanford Commencement Speech. And most people picked up his famous word "stay hungry, stay foolish", but for me the most impressive word in this speech is in the second part, "the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. " So because I want to keep doing great work, and also make my life or my relative's life happier. And because his words is proven, by his all presentation, Steve always truly delightfully and passionately introducing his own company's product. Only who found love to do like him can do this.

Truly last,
I want Steve to say thank you.
And I promise to Steve, I'll keep looking I love to do, every time until death, and never settle.


garage-kid. 8, Oct, 2011.